The customer connection

Introducing more plot lines into the mix through integrated campaigns, Engaging the senses covers the whole process from planning, segmentation, targeting and channel selection right through to joining up multiple campaigns. It’s an emotional rollercoaster using brain scanning tech to discover how we respond to different types of communication, real life examples from different industries, and experiential opportunities.

You will learn:

  • The basics of campaign planning
  • How personalisation, individual conversations, and automation are changing the world of marketing
  • Some considerations for channel selection
  • The importance of knowing your customer
  • How to build your own customer journey
  • How print fits in and can augment a wider multichannel campaign

This one’s for you if you’re in a middle-level marketing or design role and want to know more about incorporating print into a wider marketing strategy, or if you work in print and want to understand the bigger picture from your customer’s perspective and get more insight into how other channels can support the print projects you’re working on.


Price per delegate: £125



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