Dscoop UK & I Operator Event

Last week, we attended yet another fantastic Dscoop event. The Dscoop UK&I Operator Event brought together production staff from all over the UK and Ireland to give them the opportunity to meet each other, grow their network, and discover the latest innovation and some exciting new things to come.

The agenda covered key areas of focus for operators of HP Indigo digital presses. We look at some of these below…


The innovation hour took a close look at the newest technology available for Indigo presses. From new consumables, like HP’s ElectroInk and new blankets that increase lifespan and productivity, to new press technology that increases efficiencies like HP SmartStream Mosaic which offers an efficient and cost-effective way to make print highly personalised. HP PrintOS and SWITCH software were also discussed, two technologies that ProCo has invested in to help us increase our productivity.



The lean hour focused on the things that press operators can do to cut inefficiencies and increase productivity by making small changes to the way they work and how they set up their presses and work areas. HP talked through the various ways they offer support to help operators get the most from their Indigo presses.

The Customer Excellence Program (CEP) is a customer-focused consultation service from HP that creates a cooperative relationship with the goal of continuous performance improvement for both parties.

Print Care is an online HP Toolkit on press that is available to all operators. HP encourages operators to use this service as it helps to troubleshoot problems and reduces the need to call out engineers, and of course the dreaded downtime!

HP PrintOS & Print Beat is a cloud based operating system and reporting dashboard which gives greater visibility into press performance.

We helped HP field test their PrintOS operating system – read our blog to find out more.

Two of our press operators, Ricky and Gus, spoke to the rest of the attendees, along with Andy Woollams (Account Service Manager at HP), about ProCo’s experience of working closely with HP and how we’ve utilised their support. The benefits they offer, combined with the hard work from our operators, have certainly paid off as ProCo was given recognition from HP for best supplies in the UK for series 3 (ProCo South) & also best supplies in the UK for an HP Indigo 10000 (ProCo North).

“The 7800 press at Stansted received recognition for best supplies in the UK and the 10000 press for best supplies in the UK for a series 4 press. This is no mean feat and is due recognition of the hard work the respective digital operator teams in Sheffield and Stansted have put in. It’s a superb advert for ProCo and we have set a very high bar for others to try and achieve.”

Giles Bowes, MD, ProCo

Finally, attendees were given a tour of Falkland Press in Hertfordshire, where the event was held, getting the chance to see how they operate and some of the things they do differently.

“The opportunity to get to know people from the industry, and meet people I work with remotely, like the HP support team, was the most valuable part of the day for me. Building and strengthening relationships, learning more about how other people work, and making connections gives me even more support and new working relationships for the future”

Ricky Braithwaite, Digital Print Supervisor, ProCo North

The day was rounded off with a bit of competitive fun in the form of go-kart racing. Unfortunately, despite the success of the day’s events, Ricky and Gus didn’t do so well in this area, not only did they lose, Ricky came away with a bruised leg too! Oh well, better luck next time boys. At least you’re winning where it really matters.

The next Dscoop event is EMEA 6 in Lyon on the 7th – 9th June 2017. Find out more and register here www.dscoopemea.org

You can read about their last event, Dscoop Phoenix Imagine, in Jon’s blog post.


Watch the HP Graphic Arts video to find out more about the Customer Excellence Program, Print Care and Print Beat, and how they have worked for us.


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