Pizza Hut – Playable Pizza Box DJ decks

The way that print is integrating with new technology is getting really exciting.

ProCo’s Friends at Novalia, a Cambridge technology and innovation company who specialises in making real world things interactive using printed electronics, has worked with Pizza Hut to create the first playable pizza box DJ decks.

Novalia created the DJ decks using conductive ink which is sensitive to human touch and can sense the difference between swipes, short taps and long presses of the finger. Users can then play, mix and scratch their favourite music by syncing the DJ decks via Bluetooth to their smartphone or laptop.

Pizza Hut worked with DJ Vectra to make a short video showing how the box can be “played”.

The DJ decks were printed silk screen and then mounted onto a standard pizza box. Although you can’t go down to Pizza Hut today and get your own version, the Video of DJ Vectra that is on YouTube has had hundreds of thousands of hits.

If you want to learn more about the playable pizza box and how it was made, or just about printed electronics in general, there are more examples of this kind of technology at ProCo SPARK. We don’t have the pizza box (we’re not that lucky!), but we do have some flexo and screen printed DJ deck circuit examples we can share. 


Alternatively, come along to one of our education box set episodes where you can learn even more about the latest technology being applied to print.



John Charnock, Print Research International, April 2017.



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